Taxi Out

March 3, 2009

Ok, you guys are going to have to bear with me while I figure this thing out. I’m sure it seems painfully easy to your computer nuts out there, but we all know I’m a bit slow sometimes.  Please make comments so I know what to fix, be it grammatical, stylistic or otherwise.

For now this will mostly be about my life and times as a flight attendant. Perhaps it will expand, but for now we’ll keep it simple.

As you know I will be returning to the skies for the first time in six months tomorrow.  I’ve spent most of today getting ready for flying.  This has entailed doing all of my laundry, since I could end up being out for six days straight, which also means I have to pack to accommodate that fact, and that I could end up in Miami or Milwaukee. I also have to go grocery shopping for the dreaded ‘lunch box.’ It’s this huge monstrosity of a bag that’s slightly insulated and intended to hold six days worth of food.  This is always tricky, because you’re never sure if you’ll have access to a refrigerator, or microwave, and may end up cooking in a coffee pot, oh it can be done. 

Alright, I wish there was more wit involved, but I’m sure once I get to go back into the swing of things, it will be more hilarious, because trust me, this job is hysterical to those that aren’t doing it, even those that do.


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