Day 1

March 6, 2009

So I’m back in the skies after six months off, and it has not disappointed.  First I’d like to start with what I call observations.  

It seems that people feel that the airport and subsequently airplanes, no longer count as being out in public, and so the ‘fashion’ can be quite entertaining.  My favorite entourage  today was sitting in the gate area, two males, two females, the ladies were not that bad, horrible blonde dye jobs aside.  One did have on true furry ski boots, and shorts.  Between the two lads, one was sporting a ZZ Top style beard and the other had a series of stars shaved into his head.  Oh taste and class where have you gone? 

At this point I feel it’s necessary to state that just because you’re wearing a sports coat, complete with a pocket handkerchief, it does not ‘dress up’ your track pants and running sneakers. 

Other than that today’s flights were relatively smooth, I’m flying with a woman who I know and is really great to work with.  She did have one of the most interesting things I have seen happen to her on our last leg (segment of flight between two cities) today, as we were deplaning, a gentleman from the back, held out his hand to give her something, said something complimentary and walked off. Now before I go any further, even thought it is against company policy, it is not unheard of to tip a flight attendant.  This gentleman, however, went above and beyond, he gave her a small little plastic bag containing his business card, folded up, with a little note to call him scrawled on the back, and, this is where you have to give him creative points, a set of heart shaped earrings! I kid you not, oh the unsung perks of this job.


One Response to “Day 1”

  1. Scott Says:

    What I want to know is how the gentleman happened to have the heart shaped earrings? Does he just walk around everywhere with a few special plastic bags? It’s cool, I just wonder how special it is when you find out you’re the 57th woman he’s given them to. Or is it possible that they were meant for someone else? And again, how special is it to receive jewelry intended for someone else? Still, I can see myself doing it if I ever become successful.

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