This is how I roll

March 12, 2009

Today is just another very typical day in the sporadic life of a reserve flight attendant. I was on home reserve at 4 am this morning, I was lucky enough to not be called until 7:30 am and given a 4 hour call out (time until I have to be at the airport) for a 3-day trip.  Not too bad, so I get my stuff together after failing to gain another hour of sleep, leave me house 2 hours earlier, allowing plenty of time to get to the parking lot, catch the bus, ride to the airport, and check-in. 

My trip starts fine enough, we do an easy turn (a flight there and back). Upon arriving back to our base and before continuing onto our next turn, we realize we have to switch planes, now this is not uncommon, especially in your domicile (where you are based out of) so we scurry off to our new gate and see that it has been delayed by over an hour, ok still not a big deal.  It is now that we see the other crew waiting to take the flight, at this point we see we all have crew scheduling messages to inform us that we will be sitting ready for nearly 5 hours waiting to pick up the last leg (one flight segment).  Now I realize that my day could have ended up getting screwed way more, but the kicker is since I am on reserve I only get paid for what I actually fly (block hours) so that means I will now get about 3.3 hours less than the trip is worth, so that sorta blows. But at least I am getting per diem, woo hoo let’s hear it for $1.75 an hour!


One Response to “This is how I roll”

  1. Travis Says:

    You sure you’re not in the military? Then again I make $2.16 an hour… and yes, that’s WITH benefits! I totally feel your pain.

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