and then what happened?

March 14, 2009

I will get better about carrying my camera cord with me so I can upload pictures on the go, so you will have to wait until I return home, which at the latest will be Monday.  After I was finally able to pick up the rest of my trip after sitting for 5 hours it was quite enjoyable.  My crew was hysterical, which was really great, I don’t think I can emphasize just how much a difference a good crew will make on a trip. 

Which also means that a bad crew, or just one nut can either make or break a trip, or provide for some really interesting entertainment.  After I returned to my base today, hoping that I would be released and allowed to go home, for so many reasons, but I was very much ready to be done flying.  I of course got extended with a lovely 3 hour leg, which became even longer after sitting on the runway for nearly an hour. I had about 2 min to get from the gate I arrived in to the one I was leaving from, and therefor no time to grab food, and my lunch box was practically depleted. So I’m hungry, tired (I had a 6:45 am wake up call and very little sleep the night before), on my fourth day of flying, aggravated that I to keep flying, and just for fun, not feeling well.  So imagine my delight when I’m greeted by the new crew member with this “How old are you, and are you single?” She’s lucky I didn’t back hand her right then and there. 

Without this little darling however, I would not have this fun story to share.  She wanted to tell me about a ‘job’ opportunity where I could make thousands a month, and the fact that age and relationship status matter should give you an idea where this is headed. Oh yes ladies and gentleman, she wanted me to join her in providing older men with ‘companionship’ keep in mind this is the first time I have ever meet this girl.  She continues to go on and on about how she has been doing it for a few months and made a ton of money, I said that I wasn’t really into prostitution, but thanks anyway, but she was ready to reassure by letting me know that she had hardly slept with any of them.  Her business goal, to (and I quote) “pimp out 18 year olds.” She’s 24, and has a college degree, but clearly she didn’t need one.


One Response to “and then what happened?”

  1. Scott Says:

    Did you keep her information in case you change your mind? And is there a spot for providing ‘companionship’ to older women? Cause I’m about to take on $100,000 in student loans, and I have no shame.

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