Miracles do happen.

March 16, 2009

Sunday did not start out well.  I woke up two hours early because my phone did not switch over to Denver time, but I was so sleepy and confused, and terrified of over sleeping that I had to call the front desk to make sure I knew what time it was.  So when I realized I could go back to sleep for another two hours, I was wide awake, oh and it was 3 am. 

Then I thought I’d check my schedule to see if they (evil crew scheduling) had me doing anything as of yet when I got back to my base.  Oh and did they ever, a Phoenix turn, which put me at a 13 hour and 20 min duty day, our legal max according to the FAA is 14 hours.  I was livid.  

Whatever, so I get into my base that morning, and realize that the gate I’m leaving out of is right next to where I just got in, normally a good thing, except when you’re banking on being able to walk past a place to grab food, because all you’ve eaten that day is an apple. So now I’m on the verge of tears, I have no food and know that if I get on that plane, I won’t eat again for nearly 8 hours, unless I can convince the pilots to get off and get me food, and I have no clue what’s available in the Phoenix airport. 

I hurry to the gate, tell the agents what’s going on, and she’s like, you have at least 15 min to grab something, so I just go to the closest place and pay $10 for a chicken sandwich (gotta love airport prices). When I return to the gate, the agent asks why there is one extra flight attendant than we need.  We call, and are told that all of us are supposed to go. I can’t explain how ridiculous this is.  So I call, practically in tears because I want to go home so badly, quickly ask WTF and bless this man, he said “you’re off this trip and released for the day.” I was so happy, I cried, right then and there, broke down in the airport with relief (it has been a very long weekend).  

I hurry home and check my schedule and then notice that through some wonderful twist of fate they have given my Monday off, I was supposed to be on call, but hey, apparently I was given a break.


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