Nothing New

March 19, 2009

At least I should be happy that I knew in advance I was going to be sitting at the airport this morning. I am sitting good old ready reserve, been here since 8 am, which means I woke up at 5:30 am. I’ve already watched one movie on my lap top.  Now I only have 6 more hours to kill. 

Today’s film choice was “An Officer and a Gentleman.”  I also get to read, a lot.  I just recently finished “Eat Pray Love” which I highly recommend.  I am now starting “Gods Behaving Badly” thanks to a recommendation from a lovely book clerk in the Denver airport. When I first started flying I thought I would catch up on all the classics that I had always intended on reading. Not so much, believe it or not, having Jane Austen constantly interrupted by questions of how to open the bathroom door (IT SAYS PUSH ON THE HANDLE PEOPLE!) does not add to the literary value.


4 Responses to “Nothing New”

  1. Travis Says:

    So the books were recommended… what about the movie? Are you on a navy kick or something? What’s next, Top Gun or Down Periscope? I’d suggest Crimson Tide, but naturally I’d have to follow it up with a “WAR EAGLE!”

    • elephanttracks Says:

      I haven’t decided about the movie yet, and no I am NOT on a Navy kick, Top Gun blows, unless it’s being MST3Ked. Go Seminoles!

  2. Scott Says:

    That’s alright, Jane Austen has little literary value. And you can always try books on tape, people are less apt to bother you if you have head phones on.

    • elephanttracks Says:

      Unfortunately we’re not allowed to use headphone while working. As for the Austen slam, shut your mouth you silly fool!

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