This is how we do it.

March 19, 2009

(Insert Montell Jordan music here). Today is one of the amazing days where reserve turns out to not be so bad. I have been assigned a 3-day charter trip. Before I get too excited I will take a moments to explain some airline lingo.

Charter, is when a group or company essentially rents the plane and it’s crew for a set number of flights, usually to cities we don’t normally fly to, which results in flights were no one but the crew is on board. Deadheading is when a flight attendant is on board a flight as a passenger in order to get to a city they will be working from.  A ferry flight is when no one but crew is on board, basically an empty flight with a few employees riding somewhere. These flights rock, the only downside is the fact that there are no passengers, and thus technically I am not working and hence not getting paid, well not to discount that lovely $1.75 hourly per diem. 

So this afternoon I was deadheaded up to Philadelphia and will officially start working tomorrow. I can’t say who are clients are, just that it has something to do with a little college basketball tournament going on in the month of March. 

It’s days like today that I really love my job. So I didn’t really work today, I got to my layover, in an amazing hotel (something I will touch on in a later entry I’m sure). Headed out to dinner, and then got invited by the manager to a club for drinks at a 50% discount! So three of us went out and had a grand old time.  I’m now back in my room and really looking forward to the next couple of days.  There’s something about knowing for sure there won’t be any screaming kids on your flight that really makes getting out of bed not so hard.


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