A pretty good day.

March 21, 2009

This morning I started my charter, which got off to a rough start due to huge amounts of miscommunication, but everyone was pretty patient and we eventually got off the ground.  It was a pretty smooth flight.  There is a world of difference between regular passengers and charter groups, very laid back and fun.  

We arrived in New Mexico and I was able to stick my head out the door for a few seconds and snap a couple pictures of the view.


Then we ferried the flight up to Idaho, which is now one more state I can count as having been to.  I rode in the flight deck for take-off, which I have done before, but it just never gets old.  Pilots really do have one of the coolest jobs. So in true tourist fashion I snapped a few point of view pictures while up there.


It feels like a game of airplane chicken.

We also lucked out and happened to see a F-16 practicing flight maneuvers, which was really awesome. Unfortunately it moves a little too fast to take pictures of. Ya sometimes my job really rocks.


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