Idaho? Udaho!

March 21, 2009

Sorry I just couldn’t resist the pun, I swore I’d never use unless I was actually there, and I was. It turns out that Boise is a really cute city. For some reason I assumed it would be flat, but actually there are quite a few mountains around, I was able to snap a picture from the view of the main aircraft door.

Boise Mountains.

Boise Mountains.

We had plenty of time for dinner during our layover and our hotel was awesome, it also happened to be the same one that one of the winning teams was staying in as well.  So the entire crew, pilots and attendants wandered downtown for dinner, and the captain was nice enough to treat everyone, drinks and all, so we had a blast. The weather was amazing, 70 degrees, which explained all the cute girls on bicycles. 


Downtown Boise, note the mountains behind the capital.

Downtown Boise, note the mountains behind the capital.

One thing that always happens when a crew spends time together, especially if it’s the entire group, is what I call “Jaws Stories.” If you recall the famous scene of scar comparisons around the table, later parodied in “Chasing Amy.” In our version, it who has had the worst flight, the craziest event or just the most awful horror story, and I think I might have heard an all time winner last night.  

One of the FAs has been flying a while, and had a guy who didn’t look too well on her flight, turns out he was diabetic and hadn’t eaten all day. The minor details aren’t too important, the climax is when they are about to take off, he runs to the lavatory, and everyone realizes where the horrible smell was coming from, he left it in his seat. Wait, it gets better.  Finally they get him out of the bathroom, he flings open the door, stark naked, and covered in poop.  Then collapses on the FA. Just keep that in mind the next time you think you’ve had a ‘shitty’ day at work.


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