Wrap Up

March 22, 2009

We flew a losing team back to their home town, which was in the middle of no where.  Since we don’t normally fly there, and the company needed the plane back in Denver, we got to fly on another airline, which was sort of nice, anything to break the monotony. 

During the flight there however, I was able to ride up in the flight deck and snagged some photos, just to get an idea of what the pilots view is.

We also took tons of pictures of us throughout the plane, and even in the engine, but due to the risk of disclosing certain information, I can’t post them. 

Right now I am sitting back on the couch for 8 hours, already 2 down.  There are two things that Flight Attendants do better than anyone else, complain and gossip.  So the couch time is filled with tons of both, and eventually I will smack someone.


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