Ft. Lauderdale Fashion

March 31, 2009

Apparently there is a rule that when flying to or from Ft. Lauderdale, one must dress like the Joker’s golf buddy or maybe pink and green are just the official colors. This city is also lovingly referred to as Ft. Liquordale by crew members, perhaps that is the explanation for this.

This next one unfortunately I was not able to capture the entirety of the outfit, it’s hard to make out, but the shirt is indeed baby pink and hopefully you can imagine the flattop mohawk hair style and the Hugh Hefner inspired boat/house shoes that were also in play. 

Be sure to note the golf ball size 'diamond' ring.


One Response to “Ft. Lauderdale Fashion”

  1. Danny Says:

    Well now you know…..and the important part is, you know what to look for next time your shopping and planning a FL adventure.

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