April Fools

April 5, 2009

Just a regular day at work.  My day started out with a 6:15 am van from the hotel to the airport, on the way, we got pulled over. Yup a hotel van got pulled over for speeding, 48 mph in a 35 zone.  We had 4 legs that day, roughly through the same airspace, Dayton to Tampa, to Indianapolis, back to Tampa, sit for 3 hours at the airport, then fly back to Atlanta. This day was just 30 min shy of reaching the maximum hours allowed scheduled. 

Lucky for us there was a huge storm just sitting on the Florida/Georgia border, which meant we got to fly through it each way.  Translation, very long and bumpy flights.  One flight was so bad we couldn’t even do service and had to sit for most of the flight.  Another one had a first time flier who was freaking out. Let’s not forget that on each one someone or several someone’s got sick. 

I was also flying with a FA who thought he was a comedian, and thus all day kept making fake announcements, such as we were diverting, or going to be really late, he’d then wait several seconds before saying “April Fools.”  No one was amused. 

We finally make it to Tampa the second time, expecting to sit for about 2 1/2 hours, which turned into nearly 4 hours, so now we are over a maximum and going into our ‘irregular ops’ hours.  

Just another glamourous day of my life.


One Response to “April Fools”

  1. Mike Says:

    You flew in that storm? Holy crap, I wouldn’t get NEAR an airport in that weather.

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