Schedule Change

April 8, 2009

Just to give you an idea of how hectic our day can be before we even get on a plane.  

Monday I started out sitting ready, then was given a trip to work Atlanta to Ft. Myers to Indianapolis, then overnight and deadhead back to Atlanta in the morning.  While waiting at the gate they called me and said, well now tomorrow morning you’re going to deadhead to Orlando and work the flight up to Flint then deadhead to Atlanta on Wednesday.  Five minutes later, “now you’re going to work the flight to Orlando, and continue one.”

So I’ve already had three changes before even getting on my first flight. 

Tuesday morning, I check my schedule, now on Wednesday I am working 4 legs, deadheading one, and ending up in Boston on Wednesday night, work one leg on Thursday, then deadhead back. Keeping up?

Problem, this new trip had me below 8 hours rest, required by the FAA, when in Flint.  So now it’s changed again, I am back to just deadheading to Atlanta on Wednesday.  

Just to keep things interesting, I notice they have us going to the Indianapolis airport nearly 4 hours before our flight leaves, because it’s been delayed, so they we are told to stay at the hotel until the later departure time (which I was thankful for). We arrive, turns out, there are no passengers, so we end up ferrying the flight down to Orlando. 

So now you may understand why we sometimes seem a little disoriented when you ask us simple questions like where we’ve been so far that day or where we’re going.


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