Funny in a sick way.

April 9, 2009

On my Newark turn I had about 100 high schoolers going on their senior trip to New York City, many of them first time fliers.

Everything went smoothly, until landing, just before we touched down I felt us ascending again, this happens on occasion, no big deal, the pilot informs us that we have to circle before we can try to land again.

Then the flight attendant call lights start going off (keep in mine, we are in our seats ready for landing, things have to be bad for us to get up) oh and were they bad.

We look back and see just about everyone doubled over and throwing up. No joke at least 15 of them were puking, the rest were being fanned cause they were on the verge of hurling or passing out, even the chaperons. So while fighting the gravity of landing all three of us are running up and down the aisle, getting backs, wet towels, tissue, water, anything we thought might make it stop…it didn’t.

Even though it sucked to work it, it was hilarious to see, for those of you that have seen Drop Dead Gorgeous, imagine the scene of everyone at the hotel, ya, it was like that.


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