November 28, 2009


The British Museum


Alright, so everyone seems to be pretty surprised and intrigued about the museums in London, so I’m going to expand a little bit. Again, this is just based on my experience.  

All nationally run museums are free of charge, this includes galleries such as The British Museum, The National Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery, the Tate, the Tate Modern, and so on. There are some small private collections that may have fees, as will any special exhibits at the afore mentioned museums.

Even though there is not an entrance fee, there is always a donation box near the front entrance, I would encourage everyone to make a small contribution.  It does not matter how much nor in what what currency, but this is how they can afford to run and keep the museums free. Some people are calling for there to now be admission charges, small donations help prevent this and will be less than a preset charge.

Currently the British Museum, the worlds oldest public museum, is losing money, in fact that cannot afford to staff all of their rooms at all times. During my stay, this lead to an artifact being stolen from an unsupervised room, so even a $5 donation helps.  

Most museums do not allow photography and almost none allow flash photography. This isn’t a scam so you will buy postcards, it is in fact damaging to many types of mediums that art is created on. The British Musuem is an exception however, because a vast majority of their peices are made of stone, marble and wood, photogrpahy is allowed. 

If you only have the time to visit one, the British Museum is the one I recommend. If you can fit in two, make sure you hit up the National Gallery. 

The National Gallery


There are also several lists online of  other museums throughout the United Kingdom that are free as well.


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