Fly Smart

December 11, 2009

Everyday I see people come and go on my planes that seem as if they have no clue what’s going on and are surprised that can’t do whatever they want.  So here are some insider tips and some common sense for making flying as simple as possible.

Use the bathroom in the airport, before you get onboard. 

   It never ceases to amaze me how many people can’t wait to rush into the tiny lavatory on the plane, especially if we’ve been delayed. Here’s the deal, one why not use the bigger, better, and cleaner bathrooms available in the airport? Two, sometimes there isn’t water pressure while on the ground, which can be really awkward when you can’t wash your hands, or worse yet, you create something purely horrible in there, and there is nothing to make it go away.  Third, it will delay boarding, if you’re fighting against the flow to get to the bathroom or back to your seat.  

Limit carry-ons.

    I’m aware that most airlines are charging for checked baggage now, which can be annoying.  Ask yourself truly, is saving the $20 worth lugging that bag around the airport?  Most people have no idea what a carry-0n should be.  Overhead bins were originally hat racks, that’s it.  Now we are expecting to bring everything we need for a three week vacation on board.  All you need to bring on is a laptop bag, this does not mean a rolling suitcase that has a laptop in it.  I’m talking a briefcase, and a personal bag, such a small purse or backpack.  All you need is a good book, music, and some extra underwear in case something does happen to your checked bag.  Waiting for everything to get their bags on will delay flights, especially when there is no more room and we are forced to check bags.  

Do not board on your phone.

    All cell phone conversations should be wrapped up and done before you walk on board the plane. Period. End of story. I have had planes go back to the gate because a customer would not get off their phone. 

Those three simple things, plus some common sense will make your boarding process so much nicer.

As for in flight, dress in layers! It’s like movie theaters and hospitals, it’s going to be cold.  No matter when or where you’re flying, odds are it will be cold, bring a sweater, and socks. We do not control the air, that’s up the pilots, and I’ll be honest our comfort comes first. If we’re hot, and you’re cold, guess what?


2 Responses to “Fly Smart”

  1. Andy Says:

    Love the advice so far 🙂

    If you have a moment, try to find Henry Rollin’s spoken word piece called “Airport Hell”. I think you’d find it pretty funny.

    It’s a shame that most common sense things aren’t common, and people don’t have the sense to think about.

    I always bring a jacket. If it’s not cold in the plane, then I use it as a pillow. Carry on is usually a book or two. It’s a plane flight, not an all day event, so why would I need all my clothes, laptop, phones, and the rest?

    Kudos to you 🙂 Any idea when you’ll be back in town?

  2. Brian Says:

    I agree that something needs to be done about carry-on bags, but I think the thing to do is force people to use the “size wise” guides to ensure bags fit neatly.

    I travel a lot for business, and I almost always have a standard roll-aboard (21x14x9) and my brief case. The big bag goes up top, and the brief case at my feet. I’d MUCH RATHER check the bag, but the airlines 1) consistently take a long time to get bags to the claim area, and 2) seem to make it a mission to destroy bags. I think if people would be considerate and only put one bag overhead, and make sure that bag takes-up no more than 14″ width…we’d be much better off. I know the flight crew has no way to enforce this, but I think the gate agents should. Do you think that’s reasonable?

    Ironically it’s on long international flights when I tend to check a bag, and yet it’s those flights that have the most overhead space. LOL

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